Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our afternoon playdate at of mutts & men Jan 5

We (Honey & mommy - Amanda & Bailey - Kristin & Bruzer) spent the afternoon at A Pug meetup which was at Of Mutts & Men. We planned to do this last week and did not know at the time the Pugs were doing their meetup there. What can you do ? Have your dogs play with them.

No problem, there were soo many pugs there we spent most of the time in the back room. hanging with our dogs & one of Kristin's friends who also has a doggy too .

It was nice to meetup up and chat while our doggies were running around. There were soo many pugs there we ended up having them come and play around us.

We also planned a few more meetup for this place too .. I called Morgan's to make arrangments with them for a few more days in the next month.

The pugs left early - around 3pm - they were there since 1 pm .. so they must have been tired.

We left shortly after 3:30 . Since there were no parking in the front we ended up parking on the side street .. it was a nice walk to get there.. We made sure to see each other next week at our meetup which will be on a Sunday .

Honey T

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Bailey & Kahlua said...

We had so much fun that day!!! I (Bailey) was a little naughty and didn't get along with one of the Pugs, so I had a few time outs there. My sister (kahlua) was a very bad girl that day, so she didn't get to come. Next time we have a playdate she'll hopefully get to come... see you next time!!!