Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My First Boat Ride

I went on one of those Doggy Cruises, with my Mommy & Her Bro. Daddy was suppose to go but had to work .

I had soo much fun .. too bad none of my puggle people came..

we went all over the river got to see the sights.. the captain kept on giving use treatst .. yummy .. got to hear all about the Buildings on the water .. and got soo much info ,..

I even got my own seat .. it was a beautiful day ..

after the ride we went to a cafe and hung out at the water front next to the boats ..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kahlua - we will miss you !

We will miss Kahlua, she was such a vibrant Doggy, so Cute !! Today was a sad day for Amanda & Bailey, as well as my family. We haven't talked to Amanda in a while, we thought she moved away. Well mommy got an email yesterday, Amanda moved back to Chicago, But we were told she was going to have to put Kahlua down on Saturday (7/05) . We had no fun for the holiday. this was a sad day for us all !!! Kahlua had a problem, she turned into a fear biter and was no longer safe to be in public, without being muzzled.

Please say a prayer for Kahlua she is in Gods hands right now !!


Honey T

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our First Anniversary

It has been 1 year since my Mommy took over my Puggle Meetup Group!!! We were suppose to have a Meetup at the beach on June 21but for some reason a friend of ours said it would be bad for us since a storm was coming our way mommy posponed it .. She is very upset !!! We are going to make up for this on June 28 ..with more prizes and stuff and Swimming is going to be mandetory for me ..I miss swimming .. haven't swam since last Sept .. We (Mommy & I) are working on getting more stuff together..for the doggies at our party ..

will let you know all once the party has come and gone.


Honey T

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Playdate with Sandy

My girlfriend Sandy couldn't make it to our last meetup she wasn't feeling good.. So her mommy Marilyn & my mommy Carolyn thought why don't we pay her a visit at home and play ..

She had a nice home .. lots of space for us to run .. I was a little scared .. Usually when I am in a different place I get little scared not knowing where everything is .. Sandy made me feel more at ease..

They let me watch over there house so that no one will come in that was not suppose to be there.. sorry Matthew .. I didn't mean to bark at you.

I hope we get to do more playdates again... this was fun.

Me & My Boy Cuervo

How may I count the woofs ?? Cuervo .. He makes my heart go crazy .. Everytime I get to see him on Friday .. we have soo much fun .. I can't help it I like to kiss him .. and he does the same too!

Mommy made me and my boy Puggles of the month for February .. that is soo cool . Me & him kissing on the couch like we always do, running around chasing each other .. going out potty together.

I can't help it everytime I see him .. I just go crazy .. He is a cute baby boy..MY BOY CUERVO !!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our afternoon playdate at of mutts & men Jan 5

We (Honey & mommy - Amanda & Bailey - Kristin & Bruzer) spent the afternoon at A Pug meetup which was at Of Mutts & Men. We planned to do this last week and did not know at the time the Pugs were doing their meetup there. What can you do ? Have your dogs play with them.

No problem, there were soo many pugs there we spent most of the time in the back room. hanging with our dogs & one of Kristin's friends who also has a doggy too .

It was nice to meetup up and chat while our doggies were running around. There were soo many pugs there we ended up having them come and play around us.

We also planned a few more meetup for this place too .. I called Morgan's to make arrangments with them for a few more days in the next month.

The pugs left early - around 3pm - they were there since 1 pm .. so they must have been tired.

We left shortly after 3:30 . Since there were no parking in the front we ended up parking on the side street .. it was a nice walk to get there.. We made sure to see each other next week at our meetup which will be on a Sunday .

Honey T

Monday, December 31, 2007

Honey's boyfriend

Not too many know that Honey has a boyfriend named Cuervo. He is part of her meet up group.

Honey met Cuervo over the summer, Her mommy (me) met with Cuervo's mommy (Nikki). She was looking for a playdate friend for Cuervo. Nikki works on Friday's at a restraunt and asked me to watch Cuervo while she works nites. I decided hey why not let Cuervo come to my house and play with my furry kids.

Honey adores Cuervo, doesn't let him out of her site. If he has to go to the bathroom, She follows him everywhere .. they are too cute !!!

here are some pics of those 2 together .